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About Deviant I usually use the nickname Ragnelle, but it was taken here...Female/Norway Recent Activity
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We May Yet Stand: chap. 2 :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 0 0
We May Yet Stand: chap. 1
The Triumph of the Shadow.
"The armies of Mordor hesitated and the Nazgūl turned under the attack of the eagles and fled towards the Dark Land. For a moment the hearts of all the armies of the West was lifted and victory seemed within our grasp.
Then a great shadow rose up over the Dark land. It took the shape of a hand that claw-like stretched out towards the West, and as it closed our short-lived hope flickered and died.
The silence that had fallen over the field was broken by shouts of triumph from our enemies. Roaring they attacked anew and the noise of their voices deafened all other sounds. Some of our men dropped their weapons to cover their ears and the horses cried in fear. All that stood in the first lines were killed or swept away in the rush and our formations wavered.
Underneath his banner on the other hill lord Aragorn stood. I could not hear his commands over the din of the fighting, but I could see one of his men take the banner. A turn of the head,
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Rohan has come at last. by Ragnelle-was-taken Rohan has come at last. :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 11 6 Lover of Leaving by Ragnelle-was-taken Lover of Leaving :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 4 0 Halbarad, closer look by Ragnelle-was-taken Halbarad, closer look :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 2 0 Halbarad, standard-bearer by Ragnelle-was-taken Halbarad, standard-bearer :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 7 0
Arwen: Not till now
"I fell when I saw the elven-light in your eyes. Lost with no desire ever to be found, if not by you."
Your words surprised me. I had grown accustomed to my beauty being praised, to moonstruck wooers whose eyes seemed stuck to my body's form, the swelling of my breasts. Then their eyes would hastily lift. Blushing, they would seek to hide their lapse with words about my shadow-hair, my well-shaped lips; the nose, the eyebrows' slender curve, the shape and colour of my eyes. All this their mouths would praise, and I heard the same repeated words until the world grew grey and dull. And so I would smile, and nod, and then dismiss them from my side.
Never had I heard of any light within my eyes.
I looked at you. There, dressed in white, I saw a mortal that resembled elven-kin. Your body grown to full measure, tall among the trees; strong hands, strong shoulders, legs long and lean. In your eyes the noon-sun shone, glittering as in a shallow pool.
I looked again.
Behind the glitter-light da
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The dark waters lie silent. No wind to ripple the surface, no current moves the waters underneath. This is the end. No way leads out, not even for the waters.
This is how it has been for years uncounted. The darkness and the stillness of the forgotten places at the root of the world. The pale fishes swim, and eat, and die, and nothing ever happens.
Nothing, until the sound of naked feet breaks the silence, flapping on bare rock. Soft flesh against hard stone. The waters stir, and ripples run across the still waters, from the edge and to the walls of the cavern on the other side. There they stop, and cannot go further. A voice hisses, and then it too becomes part of the dark. Part of the shadows of the forgotten.
Time does not pass here – no sun or stars to count the hours and the days. Pale fish swim, and the cool waters never change, but for to softly part around the keel of a little boat, and the paddle-like feet that moves it. A hiss so soft that the silence is no longer distu
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Eomer: Pelennor Fields
Then suddenly he beheld his sister Éowyn as she lay, and he knew her. (RotK, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields)
Death! Death take us all!
O my sister, how did you come here? No, no! this cannot be. You are not here, you are safe. I would have you safe, not here; dead upon the battle-field!
Did I sing of joy at the battle's beginning? Did I welcome the day and eager yearn for slaughter? Not as I do now!
No more songs. No more joy. You lie dead and all joy is ended, how then can there be songs? Dark day and evil morning that you should die and I live. O, were you only a fell vision to cloud my sight and steal my mind! But my eyes do not lie, and now the night is coming. Death, death! Death take us all! And our enemies with us.
Ride, ride to ruin and the world's ending!
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Aragorn: Before Leaving
25. desember 3018.
Aragorn sat with his head bowed to his knees; only Elrond knew fully what this hour meant to him. (FotR, The Ring Goes South)
Can they not hurry! What more is it that they can possibly need to talk about? Ah, son of Arathorn, you have waited for so long, have you not learned patience? Seventy years; what is a few minutes against that?
Everything it seems. I have no patience; we are ready, the farewells taken, all words spoken; let us leave!
Breathe Aragorn. There are others here, remember? Think of them – a distraction might work. Yes, think of one of the others; think of the old hobbit. He is standing outside in the snow. He should not stand here, getting cold. He should be inside, but he will not leave. Not before we do. They should hurry; they should know better than to keep old Bilbo outside - it is snowing. He will get a cold! Where is Gandalf?
Ach, this is no good. Where is that wizard? He has had two months to talk to Elrond, prepare and plan; what can t
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He Screamed Light by Ragnelle-was-taken He Screamed Light :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 17 5 He Screamed Light, first stage by Ragnelle-was-taken He Screamed Light, first stage :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 2 0 Fastreds dream sketch 3 by Ragnelle-was-taken Fastreds dream sketch 3 :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 1 0 He screamed light, collage by Ragnelle-was-taken He screamed light, collage :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 3 0 Fastreds dream sketch 2 by Ragnelle-was-taken Fastreds dream sketch 2 :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 1 0 Fastred's dream sketch 1 by Ragnelle-was-taken Fastred's dream sketch 1 :iconragnelle-was-taken:Ragnelle-was-taken 2 0


Do you know the taste of the universe?
One day, when you’re five years old and made out of fractured sunlight and mirror shards, you sit down on the bench of the MAX train. You’re dressed in your winter coat and boots that are too big and one of your parents has pulled your hat too close over your ears.
You’re sitting next to your mother, and on the other side is a man that smells like loneliness, something that you’ll later know as cigarettes and alcohol and homelessness. He’s crying quietly into the top of his jacket and you’re scared to look because you’ve never seen an adult cry.
The train ride goes on for five minutes, which is a long time to you, and eventually you sneak a look at the crying man who smells like Portland and loneliness, and he sees you. He leans down until you can see the red lines in his eyes and he whispers to you.
“Do you know the taste of the universe?”
And you look up at him with your little-girl eyes and shake your head because you can’t
:iconsynesthi:Synesthi 340 175
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Ragnelle-was-taken's Profile Picture
I usually use the nickname Ragnelle, but it was taken here...
I am an amateur when it comes to any form of visual arts, though I had a dream, once, of doing sculpturing in clay, and ceramics. That never happened, and today I mostly draw or take photos.
But I am an oral story-teller, and write fanfiction, mainly for the Tolkien-fandom. Here I will mostly feature fan art from that fandom, though some original work might be put here (once I work up the courage).
The kind of art I do, is varied. It has been long since I worked in clay - mostly due to the hassle of it, and having no room - but it was originally my strongest point. Now I do most pencil-drawings, again because of the easy simplicity of it - I only need a pencil and a paper. I have also worked a bit in leather, both decorative and more practical.
I also enjoy using pastels and different paints, but tend to like using large canvasses and a more abstract style.
At the moment I study Theology, and do horse-back riding.


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